Dance. Laugh. Sweat.

Sweat. Dance. Laugh.

Laugh. Sweat. Dance.




Hi I’m Michelle Emery, proud owner of Funkdafied Dance Club, or affectionately known among our students as FDC. I established FDC in 2005 while raising my 4 beautiful children. I’m wifey to my incredible hubby who has given up his garage space for my studio! My passion lies in providing an encouraging, motivating, infectious and inspiring environment for children and adults where they can learn the joy of dance and experience the life changing mindset that comes with feeling fit.
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Kids Classes

We offer JazzFunk and Hip Hop classes for children starting from age 3yrs, right up to 16yrs. FDC run two major shows per year (mid yr and end of yr) and we’re involved in many local performances. After warm ups, technique, progressions, strength, flexibility and fitness, children learn dance routines which come together in our awesome showcases where children can display to friends and family all their hard work and dedication.

Hot mamas

Hot Mamas classes started after my fourth child was born.  I needed an outlet and an opportunity to connect with other women. I created a non judgemental exercise class that is fun, energetic, motivating and encouraging.  Hot Mamas Dance and fitness is a place to connect, inspire and empower women through my passion of dance and fitness

Performance Crews

An aspirational class for our up coming dancers. Our tutors select hard working and dedicated students for these advanced classes. We provide them with performance opportunities, the latest choreography and guide them to achieve their dance goals.